Independent Contractor

Job Description and Compensation Schedule

Job Description
Glamour Shots® of Oklahoma City is currently seeking independent photographers to execute outdoor and on-location sessions on mutually agreeable dates & locations. The photographer understands that they must fulfill promises made to clients and the “company” in regards to ability, timeliness, number of images taken, the submission of finished images, appearance and communication.

The photographer will provide their own transportation and photography equipment necessary to properly execute the type of session contracted. Photos must be dropped off as soon as the sessions for the day end. Photographers who choose to edit their images must provide images to the studio within 72 hrs after the session.


If the appropriate number of saleable images (for the particular contracted session) are provided in the time constraint outlined, contract photographers will be paid $75 for 30 minute sessions ($100 for a 1-hour session with the same individual or group) with no image editing requirement. If you choose to edit your images we will pay 5% of final sales as determined in the on-site sales session (final edited images must be returned in the agreed upon time frame). For any given full-day where a photographer is contracted, the contract photographer will be guaranteed at least 3 30-minute sessions.

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