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FAQ for Contract Photographers

What if i can’t make it to the appointment?
Please contact the studio at (405)-848-9933 as soon as you become unavailable. We will work to contact another photographer to take your place or reschedule the client’s session.

What do I do if the client shows up late?
The clock starts on the time they are scheduled, if you can squeeze them in with the time they have remaining please do so, or refer them to the studio who will contact them to reschedule right away.

When should I arrive to the photo shoot location?
Arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time in order to set up and prepare for the session. This will give you time to scout out any potential problems.

How many sessions are guaranteed?
3 sessions on Saturdays are guaranteed. If we fail to book 3 sessions we will reschedule for another date and time or pay for 3 30-minute sessions.

How do I get images to the studio?
You may use Dropbox to send images to the studio immediately after finishing your appointments for the day, unless you are editing the images.

How quickly do I need to get images to the studio?
Photos must be sent as soon as the sessions for the day end. Unless you are editing the images they must be sent within 72 hours.

Who selects the shoot locations?
The shoot locations are preselected in order to obtain special permits and declare the area safe. We are open to photographer selected locations, but they must be approved by the corporate office.

What are the advantages of contracting through Glamour Shots® instead of working on my own?
Glamour Shots® is a nationally recognized brand with an existing customer base. We deploy effective marketing strategies and provide tools to help you book business. We handle customer service, product presentation, orders, shipping, and follow-up.

What equipment do I need to bring?
We recommend using a 12 to 24 MP Camera with a 24-105mm Lens (or close to equivalent), and a speed light. Bring with you the gear you are comfortable shooting with. Please don’t use this time to experiment with new gear and techniques due to the limited session times. We hired you because we liked your style and those are the same types of images that the customer likely would want to see.

How do I get paid?
We will pay $75 per 30 minute sessions ($100 for a 1-hour session with the same individual or group) with no image editing and the minimum number of saleable images required per package purchased by the client (6 poses for 30 minutes and 12 poses for 1 hour). If you choose to edit your images we will pay 5% of final sales as determined in the on-site sales session (final edited images must be returned in the agreed upon timeframe).

Do I need to carry insurance?
Upon being hired we will ask you to show proof of insurance and general liability. We request that you carry this insurance but will carry you under our policy if you do not have coverage.

What should I wear?
Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in while photographing clients. We do expect your attire to be professional in appearance.

What are your expectations of me while on location with clients?
We expect you to conduct yourself in a professional manner just the same as when you are working with