Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to many of the questions you might have about Glamour Shots. If after reading, you still have questions about us, please feel free to contact the store nearest you for more details.

What is included in a Glamour Shots® session? We start by making you look and feel your best. Your Glamour Shots® session begins with a personal consultation with a professional makeup artist and hairstylist to determine your best look for your portraits.
We’re ready when you are. When you’re comfortable, a professional photographer will take a number of shots in various poses (we always shoot a lot of portraits so you can select your very best images). Finally our professional lab will print them on the highest quality Kodak paper.

How much does a Glamour Shots® session cost? The Glamour Shots® session fee varies by store and promotional period. Check the store nearest you for pricing information and special offers. Visit the Special Promotions section for more information. Also, you can use the Store Locator button to find the store nearest you or call 1-888-Glamour Shots.

Is Glamour Shots® only for women? No, we also specialize in photographing high school seniors, children and families.

How long will my session take? A Glamour Shots® session will take up to 2 – 2½ hours depending on the number of people in the portrait, day of the week, and whether hairstyling & makeover services are requested.

Do I have to make an appointment? Appointments are made to ensure that we are fully prepared for your session. However, we do accept walk-ins where time allows. But due to the high appointment volume in some locations, an appointment may be necessary. A refundable reservation fee is also required by some of the stores; this fee may vary from $20 to $60 per person. The reservation fee is used to secure your appointment time and is applied toward your purchase; if no purchase is made it will be refunded minus the cost of the makeover. Reservation fees are only refundable if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.

How much are the portraits? Because many of our locations are independently owned and operated, prices vary by store. Check the store nearest you for current pricing information and special offers. You can use the Store Locator to quickly find the nearest Glamour Shots® or call 1-888-Glamour Shots.

Can I get black and white portraits? Yes. Glamour Shots® offers you the option of black & white or color photographs in each of your poses. See the Products section for additional information and portrait options.

What other portrait finishes do you offer? Glamour Shots® offers many portrait options. Glamour Touch is available on all portraits for an additional fee, this retouching service can soften facial lines, brighten eyes and teeth and remove minor blemishes. We even offer an extensive Glamour Touch service that can remove heavy acne, remove braces along with any other special request. All Glamour Shots® portraits can be ordered in Black and White or Sepia. We offer many other finished like Colorized and Pearlized Portraits™. Any of our wall portraits can be enhanced with canvas mounting as well. Framing is also available in several sizes and styles. See the Products section for additional information and portrait options.

How long does it take to see my proofs? At Glamour Shots®, you will view your proofs immediately following your photo session. That’s right! You will see how well you’ve done before you leave the store! You will not have to wait or make a return trip to the store to see your proofs and place your order — you can do it all on the day of your session.

How long does it take to get my portraits back? Your portraits are usually ready within 10 to 14 days. Glamour Shots uses ONE professional lab to insure the best quality for our customers, so shipping times may vary.

What if I don’t like my portraits? At Glamour Shots we are not happy unless you are happy! We will gladly re-take your portraits without a session fee or exchange poses for a nominal fee within 14 days after you receive your portraits. Of course the art work we create is considered a custom product which cannot be re-sold. Due to the nature of our product, all sales are final.

We have one goal. To provide you with photographs you’ll be proud to share with your loved ones and friends. Together, we can put an end to ugly photos – and help make the world a much more glamorous place.

Can I get copies of my portraits made? Glamour Shots® portraits are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without special written permission by Glamour Shots® Licensing, Inc. Copying, reproducing and scanning of Glamour Shots®’ copyrighted portraits is not permitted and falls under copyright infringement laws. If you wish to purchase additional portraits, please contact the studio in which they were taken. We’d be happy to help you with your reorder.

What are the store hours? Glamour Shots® operating hours are typically the same as general shopping mall hours or strip center hours. Contact the store nearest you for their operating hours or to make special arrangements.

Where is the store closest to me? Use the Store Locator to find the Glamour Shots® location nearest you or call 1-888-Glamour Shots.