15 Makeup Tricks to Look Fabulous in Photos

At your Glamour Shots photo shoot, we want you to feel as beautiful as ever because that confidence shines through in pictures. Our professional makeup artists will help enhance your natural beauty in a way that photographs flawlessly, and our guide can help you prep for every aspect of your shoot.

Unfortunately, we can’t have the professional studio treatment before each picture we take in everyday life. We all know makeup looks different in person than it does on camera, specifically on smartphones and especially with flash. If you know the camera might be on you at an event or get-together, using a few techniques as you apply your makeup can help ensure you’re prepared for any photo op that comes your way.

group of girls taking a selfie at a nightclub

Eye Tricks for Big, Bright Eyes

  1. Don’t feel like you have to overdo it with eyeliner. Go big on lashes instead. Double up on coats of mascara or use a strip of false lashes.
  2. Go slightly above your crease with darker eye shadow. Your crease is already dark, so over-exaggerating that line just slightly with a tinted shadow can make your eyes pop and appear larger in photos.
  3. Use a light-colored highlighting shadow in the inner corner of your eyes and on the brow bone, directly underneath your eyebrow. Stick with a matte finish, rather than glittery or shimmery, to avoid an unsightly sheen in pictures.
  4. Stick to the top lid only for eyeliner. Heavy liner on the bottom can drag your eyes downward in pictures, so keep all the drama on the top. A thin coat of mascara on the bottom lashes adds just a touch of definition.


Lip Tricks for a Defined Poutassortment of lipsticks

  1. Lips look great with a subtle sheen but shouldn’t appear wet. For photographed events, stick with a matte lipstick or low-sheen gloss.
  2. If lip liner scares you, try applying it only to your upper V and outer corners of the mouth. It’s a trick the celebrities use for subtle definition on the red carpet.
  3. Use caution with nude lipstick. It can make your lips “disappear” in photos with flash. A pop of pink, bold red, or darker-tinted neutral will help your pout pop in pictures.


Get Your Skin Photo-Ready

  1. Products with SPF or mineral ingredients can cause you to look ghost-like in pictures with flash. If you know you’ll be photographed, try a foundation marked “HD.” These are typically formulated to photograph well.
  2. Start with a primer to absorb and combat shine. If you have oily skin, bring blotting sheets.
  3. Go a little heavier on foundation coverage. If you normally use only a tinted moisturizer, it may not give you adequate coverage for a smooth complexion in photos. Again, try an HD foundation
  4. HD foundation is great, but HD powder, on the other hand, can cause the ghost effect. Many of our Glamour Shots makeup artists swear by translucent powder for setting your look.
  5. Try mixing under-eye concealer with foundation before applying to avoid that reverse-raccoon look. A neutral concealer – not too dark, not too light – can help even your skin tone without the tell-tale signs of over-concealing.
  6. Use blush and bronzer. Sweep bronzer on your cheekbones (it’s all about the contour) and dust blush on the apples of your cheeks.
  7. For photographed events, it helps to have more color than usual on your face, but make sure to blend well. Use a kabuki brush or beauty sponge to avoid harsh lines.
  8. Shimmer, in photographs, can translate to greasy shine. Tone down the shimmer on your skin with and matte bronzers, eyeshadows and powders. Your face will glow on its own!


Never Un-Tag Another Photo

When you know the cameras will be on you, don’t be afraid to go more intense with your makeup routine. Aim for about 30 percent more coverage than you would normally do for everyday wear – that goes for foundation, mascara, contouring and finishing powder. For product tips and video tutorials for flawless makeup that works from morning to night, check out our 24-hour Makeup Transition.

Don’t forget hair and posing, too! Help your hair to look healthy and shiny with a small pump of shine serum, and try these simple posing tricks to flatter your face and your figure in pictures.

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