Preparing for Your Photo Shoot

We’re excited you’ve chosen Glamour Shots for your photo session! We always strive to help make you look and feel your best, so in preparation for your upcoming shoot, we’ve developed this guide to help prepare you to feel truly glamorous on the day of your session.


One Week - Pick Your Outfit, Get a Haircut, Start Tanning


Pick Your Outfit
We suggest bringing three outfit changes with a different variety of colors, styles and dressiness levels. Try something classy, something trendy, and a personal favorite. Consider something dark, something light, something sexy and something fun with a variety of necklines and textures. Whatever you feel confident in, bring it! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Pinterest for outfits, posing and makeup ideas. For boudoir photos, take a look through our wardrobe sets.

Avoid stripes, plaids and large patterns.
Baggy clothing or clothing that is too tight will make you look larger.
Sleeveless styles can make you look bigger.

Get a Haircut
Unfortunately, a trip to the salon doesn’t always go as planned. Schedule your stylist appointment 1 – 2 weeks before you shoot to ensure you have time to find a solution if your results are less than desirable. It’s also important to not make drastic changes. Refresh your color and trim split ends, but don’t go crazy.

Start Tanning
Most of all, if you plan to tan naturally or use a tanning bed, you’ll need to get a head start. Don’t rush your tan. Those with lighter skin tones may need to start tanning more than a week prior to their photo shoot. Also remember to be conscious of tan lines if you plan on wearing tanks or strapless styles.

Tans photograph well – sunburns do not. Also be sure to avoid too deep a tan. It will actually make your face look fuller and have a dull appearance.

2 - 3 Days - Get Waxed, Get a Spray Tan, Get a Manicure, Drink Water

Get Waxed
We know you want those brows looking perfect, so allow 2 – 3 days before the shoot to help make sure any redness has faded.

Get a Spray Tan
While spray tans are temporary, you’ll still want to get this done a few days in advance to allow your tan to fully develop and allow any splotchy areas to even out. Be sure to pick a natural shade just slightly darker than your skin tone.

Get a Manicure
Schedule your mani/pedi a few days before your shoot and avoid bright or unusual nail polish.
If you’re doing your nails at home, make sure they’re filed and your cuticles are trimmed. And don’t forget to make sure those feet and toenails are in good shape for barefoot pictures!

Consider getting your rings cleaned so they will really sparkle! If you don’t have time to go to the jeweler for a cleaning, gently scrub rings with a toothbrush and some toothpaste.

Drink Water
Take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, avoid salty foods and alcohol prior to your shoot so you’re not puffy and make sure to get a full night’s rest.

Familiarize Yourself with the Products We Offer
Each Glamour Shots session fee varies by store and promotional period, so be sure to review that information included in your introductory email so you’ll have an idea of the products that interest you the most.

The Night Before - Wash Your Outfit, Shave, Get Rest

Wash Your Outfit
Make sure your outfits are ready. All clothes should be clean, ironed and on hangers.

Take your time! We all know how easy it is to cut yourself.

Get Plenty of Rest
“Beauty sleep” is real – when you sleep, your body goes into repair mode. That means fresher looking skin.

On the Day - Grab Your Clothes, Arrive with Clean Skin, Arrive with Unstyled Hair

Grab Your Clothes
Make sure you grab everything you’ll need – clothes, shoes, accessories and props.
Individuals: bring three outfits and, if getting a makeover, arrive dressed comfortably with a button-up or wide neck shirt so you won’t mess up your hair. Your skin and hair should be clean and free of product.
Families and children: prepare two outfits and arrive wearing the first.
For boudoir portraits, we recommend wearing pants without seams to ensure there are no indentions on your skin.

Be careful with deodorant to avoid white marks on your clothes.
Almost all glasses glare. Many optometrists will remove your lenses temporarily for you or loan you a pair of lookalike frames for your session.

Arrive with Clean Skin
Clients taking advantage of our makeover services should arrive with clean skin. If you’re doing your own makeup, make sure it is applied before you arrive for your appointment. Don’t overdo it. You should look natural, like you’re going on a date. If you don’t wear makeup, consider a light coat of mascara and a little blush. Also, bring lip product: gloss, lipstick, or balm – even you, guys! Lips chap easily, so be prepared.

Colored gloss is a perfect choice.
If there’s a certain look you want, bring a picture!
Bring powder for any shiny spots that might pop up during your session.

Arrive with Unstyled Hair
Lastly, ladies who will have a makeover need to arrive with clean, unstyled hair. If styling your own hair, bring a comb, brush, hairspray any other styling products with you.