Franchise FAQ

Q. Where are Glamour Shots® stores located?
A. Glamour Shots® stores operate in local and regional shopping malls.
There are two types of Glamour Shots® stores – stores that are located in an “inline” space and freestanding studios that are located in the common area or center of a mall.

Q. What is the typical cost to open a Glamour Shots® store?
A. Stores
Stores range in size from 800 to 1,200 square feet. The typical cost to open a studio ranges from $218,420 to $264,950. This includes the initial franchise fee, training and installation fees, costs of building out and equipping the store, opening advertising and promotional expenses and initial start-up funds. Build out costs can vary significantly depending upon the size of the store, the geographical location and the costs charged by contractors and other professionals involved in the store build out.

Q. Is financing available?
A. Neither we nor any of our affiliates offer you any financing arrangements. We will not guarantee any notes, leases or other obligations on your behalf. We are not currently approved for SBA financing.

Q. Do you charge a royalty?
A. Studios pay a 3% royalty on all sales. The 3% fee covers indefinite image storage, image back up, transaction processing, Help Desk Fees, Software Support and Maintenance Fees and Software License Fees. The royalty fee is in lieu of these types of expenses, which are paid separately by Inline Studios.

Q. Do you have an advertising fund?
A. Yes. Every franchisee pays a monthly fee to our advertising fund. Currently, the fee is $358 per month. Fees paid into the fund are used to create marketing and promotional materials for Glamour Shots® stores. Examples of materials that may be created by the fund are banners, direct mail inserts, ad copy for print ads, radio or TV spots and sweepstakes entries, which follow a general promotional calendar. These fees do not include the actual costs of placing advertising through various media.

Q. Do I need to have a photography background?
A. No. Photography experience is helpful, but not a requirement. We believe that a background in management, sales and marketing is extremely helpful. We offer a variety of training programs to assist you in operating your store.