The Truth About Boudoir Photography

Although boudoir photography has been around since the turn of the century, in the past decade the popularity of the genre has skyrocketed. However, the term “boudoir photography” is often misunderstood, as is the style itself.

Like bohemian style, boudoir photography has evolved over the years. The French term “boudoir” translates to “a woman’s private room or bedroom.” In the 1920s and 1930s, the women portrayed in boudoir photography were often pictured in silk nightgowns sitting in front of their vanity. As time progressed, the settings expanded to other areas around the house such as bathrooms and living rooms and nightgowns were replaced with lingerie. Now the majority of boudoir photography takes place in a portrait studio and women choose whatever clothing they are most comfortable in, whether it’s an oversized t-shirt or, perhaps, nothing at all.

Glamour Shots - Vintage Boudoir

Regardless of the setting or clothing choice, the psychology behind boudoir photography has remained the same.

If you’ve considered having boudoir photos taken, but have never followed through, you’re not alone. The majority of women that come into our studio express that they are terrified at the thought of not just stripping down, but having photos taken of them in their most vulnerable state by a stranger. What we have found though, is that overwhelmingly, the women that leave our studio feel sexy, strong, beautiful and empowered.

“From the time you walk through the GS doors the staff makes you feel good and comfortable. They are all very professional, friendly and respectful. The makeup artist, the photographer and the store manager give a VIP treatment that makes you feel comfortable, but more importantly, beautiful.”

Vicki K.

In today’s American culture, physical beauty is both praised and condemned. Most women want to look like a cover model, but often criticize those same publications for over editing and setting unrealistic ideas of what beauty truly is, or that beauty is only skin deep.

The key for our team is making sure the subject feels comfortable in their own skin by accentuating what they love about themselves and minimizing any areas they’re not so confident about.

Everyone’s concept of beauty is different. The client can choose the wardrobe, the makeup, and the atmosphere. Some women choose to skip the smokey eyes, bold lips and thigh high stockings and prefer a “woke up like this” style. You can choose to forgo retouching or elect a little help with problem areas. It’s all about you.

Glamour Shots Modern Boudoir - Black & White

We believe that all women are beautiful and that is something to be celebrated. It is and has been our mission for nearly 30 years to provide great photography that makes every client that walks into our doors look and feel incredible. That’s why we love boudoir photography.

A boudoir session can be very emotional because the photography is intrinsically tied to the subject’s self-esteem, but it’s this vulnerability that gives our staff the opportunity to help our customers how beautiful they are – inside and out.

“I did a boudoir photo shoot and was very nervous. The photographer Anna and the store owner were amazing. They made me feel incredibly comfortable and beautiful. The pictures turned out amazing!”

Deanna C.

Boudoir photography isn’t about the pictures; it’s a celebration of beauty. We hear a myriad of reasons that women choose to have a session: positive events like weddings, weight loss or 40th birthdays. Most noteworthy, some events that leave women seeking a self-esteem boost, like break ups and divorces. No matter the reason, having boudoir photography taken can leave the subject feeling like a million bucks.

If you’re wondering if boudoir photography is right for you, the answer is yes. It’s okay to want to feel sexy and beautiful. It’s okay to do something for yourself. Despite your busy schedule, it’s important to take time to treat yourself. You deserve it.

Let us help bring out the best in you!