Mermaid Makeup Guide

Mermaid hair, mermaid crowns, and mermaid makeup took over the summer and is showing little to no signs of stopping! It would not be a huge surprise if mermaids took over Halloween, as well. To help prepare for the spook fest known as Halloween we have put together a step by step mermaid makeup guide.

The guide below contains 4 easy to read slides with tips on how you can apply these techniques at home. If you would like to see a video of the makeover be sure to visit our Facebook page (because, of course, we did a Facebook Live session on this event!!):

Use the arrows to scroll through each step.

The Makeup

The Costumes

We’ve given you some great makeup tips on how to complete the perfect mermaid look. However, we have not even begun to discuss the wardrobe! In our studios we feature Mermaid Storybook Sessions, allowing kids to dress up and strike animated poses (learn more here). Because we feature these sessions, we know where to find great mermaid costumes. We are now prepared to share our Top 5 List:

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which we would typically frown upon, but can you say “Best Monday EVER!”? Get started on your costumes now, as I am sure there will be a full weekend of festivities prior to October 31st.

Lastly, we want to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!