Holidays: the only gift idea you’ll need


For the last handful of Christmases, the only gift my mother has asked for is a physical printed photograph from my wedding day (with only the persistence a mother can have). Despite such a simple request, I have still to get that for her.  In 2017, predicts 14 trillion photos will be taken…TRILLION! All my poor mother wants is one photo of me and my husband on our wedding day.

It is so easy to take a quick selfie in the car if you’re having an Ah-mazing hair day. It is even easier to load the selfie in your photo app of choice and publish to social media. I imagine those types of pictures will make up the majority of the 14 trillion photos that will be taken in the coming year. However, mom may not want a selfie sitting on her mantel or hanging on the wall.


There is an idea that resonates with many professional photographers, to summarize “it’s not the camera that takes a great picture”. A bit snarky but we are passionate about our craft. We spend our time framing, focusing, and capturing the hidden expression of a person. As a result, these are the pictures we want to hang on our walls or place on our desks at work. These are the photos that we want as gifts from our loved ones. On a side note, you can still post these images to your favorite social network and get a ton of “likes”.

This year give your loved ones the gift of a moment in time. Years from now you’ll be able to laugh about your hair and makeup choices. In the meantime, give the gift they really want, a good portrait. Next year, go crazy on the personalized “World’s Best Mom” coffee mug.

Glamour Shots has been in the portrait studio business since 1988. You don’t stay in the photo industry nearly 30 years by not giving moms, across the country, what they want!